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Perioperative care of EVAR

Preparation of EVAR

1.      Light diet;

2.      Good rest;

3.      Prevent getting flu;

4.      Relieve irritability, fear, and sad mind;

5.      Take medicine strictly according to the doctor's instruction, control blood sugar and blood pressure;

6.      Cooperate with doctors to complete necessary preoperative examination;

7.      Tell doctor your allergic history;

8.      In case of infection nurse will clean the skin of punctuation, and do allergy test of the contrast agent.


How to cooperate with doctor during the process

1.      Doctor will communicate with you about your condition and feeling during the process;

2.      Accordance with the doctor's instructions, include deep breath, hold breath, body posture, cough, etc;

3.      Any discomfort during the operation should immediately inform the doctor so that the doctor can give necessary treatment in time.


What needs to be paid attention after EVAR?

1.      Oxygen inhalation accordance with the doctor’s instruction;

2.      Body posture: right after the process take Supine position without pillow, rise head of the bed after 6 hours to prevent the occurrence of postoperative headache after epidural anesthesia;

3.      Activity: 24 hours post-operative (post-op) patient need to rest in bed, ambulate after post-op 48 hours, increase activity post-op 1 week, avoid aggravating activities in first half year;

4.      Make sure bowl movement is smooth, avoid straining during defecation and cough to prevent intra-abdominal pressure increase and lead to migration of the stent

5.      ECG, heart rate monitor, pulse oxygen saturation needs to be checked, pay close attention to the change of blood pressure and body temperature.

6.      Health care staff will observe your femoral artery and dorsalis pedis artery pulse, body temperature, color, limb swelling, numbness and pain in lower extremities;

7.      Postoperative 24 hours is very important, if you feel chest tightness, chest pain, abdominal pain, distention, abdominal mass increases and tenderness aggravated, please inform your medical staff immediately.