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Recently, the 3rd “Beyond the Road” Aortic Forum was successfully held by Shanghai MicroPort® Endovascular MedTech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MicroPort® ENDO). The forum, on the basis of the top clinical centers for aortic disease surgical repairs in China, aims to provide a permanent didactic and exchange platform for overseas surgeons from the regions in and beyond the coverage of the Belt and Road Initiative. 8 experts from Argentina participated in this forum.

On Oct.29th, experts arrived at the headquarters of Shanghai MicroPort® Medical (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MicroPort® Group") and visited the Self-Experience Center with introduction about the development of company. The forum in Shanghai focused on new products knowledge and simulator practice. At last they went to the production base of MicroPort® ENDO and get to know the manufacturing process. The whole day program brought the experts of  better understanding to the company as well as the aortic stent graft system. They highly praised the new generation products for outstanding performance and innovative technology. They expected that MicroPort® ENDO would be able to provide Argentina better endovascular treatments for vascular diseases.

On October 31st, experts came to Peking Union Medical College Hospital to meet with the vascular surgery team led by Professor Yuehong Zheng. Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) is a large-scale general hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research and teaching. Its vascular surgery is one of the earliest units in China to carry out vascular surgery work and has rich clinical experience. Ms. Zhenghua Miao, President of MicroPort® ENDO, attended and made an opening speech. Professor Zheng warmly welcomed the experts, introduced the history and current situation of the hospital, and led the experts to visit the old buildings and gardens with nearly 100 years history. Then Professor Zheng presided over the "live demo" salon. Experts watched the live demo of the operation to further understand the operation steps of MicroPort® ENDO products in the actual operation. During this period, experts entered the operating room in batches to observe the operation skills intuitively. Three abdominal aortic endovascular repairs were completed on the same day, all achieving excellent efficacy. During the interval of operation, the operators and experts exchanged questions and opinion face to face, and arranged some academic lectures. After the event, Professor Zheng issued certificates to experts and hopes that the two sides would continue to cooperate, strengthen exchanges and learn from each other in the future.

On November 1st, experts came to Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Fuwai Hospital, which is also the largest center for cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment. It is a national medical research and education center integrating medical treatment, scientific research, prevention and personnel training. Professor Chang Shu, director of vascular surgery, met with the experts to discuss the current status of aortic disease diagnosis and treatment technology and the future direction of development. At the same time, the experts observed the clinical application of MicroPort® ENDO products in cathlab. On the same day, there were 4 thoracic aortic endovascular repairs and 1 abdominal aortic endovascular repair, all of which achieved good efficacy. Among them, one case implanted the new TAA product designed by MicroPort® ENDO called Talos™. Experts paid high interest to TalosTM and gained  more knowledge aboutproduct features. Both sides exchanged their views and opinions. At last, Professor Shu awarded certificates to experts and said that the event was a solid step for cooperation between the two sides. He hoped to learn from each other and jointly explore and develop better endovascular diagnosis and treatment programs.

Since then, the 3rd “Beyond the Road” Aortic Forum has come to a successful end. All experts who participated in the event expressed their high recognition and praise for MicroPort®. At the same time, they thanked the professional academic exchange platform provided by the event. They hoped that MicroPort® ENDO products could provide better endovascular diagnosis and treatment programs for various countries around the world.