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Sao Paulo, Brazil – MicroPort Endovascular (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("MicroPort® Endovascular") attended the CICE 2018 held in Sao Paulo, Brazil and invited Professor Chang Shu of Fuwai Hospital to share his clinical experience and take part in academic exchange activities such as case demonstration and academic salons in Argentina and Dominican Republic.


On April 16, Professor Chang Shu completed an operation using Hercules™ Thoracic Stent-Graft System ("HT-LP") to treat thoracic aortic aneurysm with Professor Ferreira and his team. Prior to the operation, they had thorough communication regarding the operation plan. During the operation, Professor Chang Shu offered guidance on the operative skills of HT-LP to other operators and the operation achieved successful outcome. HT-LP with Low-Profile Delivery System reduces the requirement for the diameter of the entry vessel, the resistance in delivery and the damage to the artery. Meanwhile, the unique tip capture mechanism of bare stent can accurately control the proximal stent's position and shape. Postoperative angiography shows that the HT-LP stent graft was deployed in good shape and isolated the expanded aneurysm effectively without endoleak or movement.


Afterwards, at the invitation of Professor Paolini, President of Argentina Vascular Surgery Society, MicroPort® Endovascular and Professor Chang Shu hosted an academic salon in which Professor Shu delivered a speech of "Aortic Arch Pathology Options: Open Surgery, Hybrid Technique, Fenestration, Chimney or Branched Stent Graft?" to share clinical skills and experience and introduce several products of MicroPort® Endovascular such as HT-LP and Castor® Branched Aortic Stent Graft System ("Castor®"). In the end, Professor Paolini issued a certificate of honorable member in Argentina Vascular Surgery Society to Professor Chang Shu.


During the CICE 2018, Professor Chang Shu conducted a live surgery with Professor Nasser in Jardim Cuiaba, in which they used MicroPort® Endovascular's Hercules® Bifurcated Stent Graft to treat a complex abdominal aortic aneurysm. The case combined with lilac artery aneurysm with a tortuous proximal aneurysm neck, which made it very hard to treat in a surgery. Facing such difficulties, the two physicians successfully completed the operation with perfect cooperation. After the deployment of Hercules® Bifurcated Stent Graft, the aneurysm was isolated effectively without endoleak or movement. The successful outcome fully demonstrated the efficacy and safety of the product, which was well received by experts in attendance.


Professor Chang Shu gave a lecture on the strategy and technology in aortic arch endovascular operation and briefly introduced surgical operation, hybrid surgery, fenestration operation, chimney tech and branched stent graft with case studies. In particular, Professor Chang Shu analyzed clinical cases of HT-LP and Castor® with his clinical experience and highly recognized their innovative design and clinical performance. Professor Shu said, the low profile feature, crossing the aortic arch with the protection of the soft inner sheath, and tip capture mechanism of bare stent of HT-LP, as well as the unibody branched design of Castor® all make the aortic arch endovascular operation more accurate, safe and effective. Meanwhile, Professor Chang Shu delivered a report of "Radical and Totally Endovascular Repair of Aortic Dissection" in which he shared his own point of view on the total endovascular treatment for aortic dissection and introduced current treatment strategies and future development trend with case analysis.


In the congress, Professor Lobato and MicroPort® Endovascular staff had in-depth communication regarding product performance and future cooperation opportunities. Professor Lobato said, MicroPort® Endovascular products won high recognition among experts in attendance with its safety and innovative design.


From April 23 to April 24, MicroPort® Endovascular representatives were invited to visit hospitals in Santo Domingo of Dominican Republic and exchanged ideas with Professor Iribarren and his team in CEDIMET Hospital. MicroPort® staff introduced its product to local experts with product simulation. Professor Iribarren said, they were looking forward to have further cooperation with MicroPort® Endovascular, hoping to bring benefit to local patients. Next, MicroPort® Endovascular organized an academic exchange activity for 15 physicians from various sites to enhance their understanding in the clinical performance of MicroPort® Endovascular products.


In this event, MicroPort® Endovascular fully demonstrated the safety and efficacy of its products and successfully increased its brand awareness in overseas markets. In the future, MicroPort® Endovascular will continue to promote the development of aortic interventional treatment technologies through constant innovation and academic exchange events.